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Doing the work...

Happiness doesn’t happen on its own. For that matter, neither does a kickass life.

Imagine you have an ember, and you want that ember to become a blaze big enough to give off heat and light. To do that, you have to tend to it, stoke it, and cultivate it.

That’s what happiness is like and certainly that’s what living a joyous life it like.

We decide what we want, and we put in the work to get it and that’s exactly where I come in…

Challenges We Solve Together

No matter your areas of focus, I am here to empower you with tools and insights that address your challenges directly.

Some of the most common areas my clients and I work together on are:

  • Entering a life transition

  • Cultivating healthy relationships

  • Navigating fear and overwhelm

  • Managing anxiety and depression

  • Mastering positive self-talk

  • Building and breaking habits

  • Moving beyond addiction

Meet John Dulworth, Professional Coach

Your Growth and Development Co-Pilot

I ran the 2 mile in high school track. That’s 8-laps and 8-laps is a hell of a long time to think.

My mind would turn on me during races creating stories of weakness, fear, doubt, and incapability. I knew I was performing less than was possible for myself. As I rounded the 6th lap during one race, I had an epiphany. My mind was getting in my way! I needed to train my mind to work with me instead of against me.

Some 30+ years later, here I am, a coach for the mind. I support people on all kinds of topics and strategize on all types of problems from starting a business to having more effective conversations with your beloved to deciding on a new career path.

But the constant in it all is what goes on between your two ears. When you work with me, I’ll equip you with tools, tactics and strategies for becoming your own advocate, equipped to create the life you desire.

The stories you tell yourself dictate your life. Getting those stories right is essential. I can help you do just that.


I bless the day I hired John Dulworth as my life coach and partner on this path of life 11 years ago. From navigating life’s challenges to having John by my side whenever I chose to up-level my life or take on a challenge, he’s been there to remind me of who I am, equip me with a new perspective or tool and celebrate my wins. If you want to live an extraordinary life, you need John Dulworth in your corner!

Jane Deuber, Monterey California

Since coaching with John, my business has increased 250% closing out 2022 at $1.6M. My relationship with my non-binary teenager has improved drastically, I gained the courage to leave my marriage of almost 10 years, and I embarked on finding my footing afterward.  I didn't really begin coaching with John to do any of these things. I signed up because I felt stagnant and together we quickly identified areas of fast and effective change that has brought me this level of success and spaciousness in my life.
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